First Post

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for years now, but always put it off because my perfectionist tendencies kept me from starting one until I had a great design and layout. I wanted to get everything right, right from the start. Well, I’ve finally realized that that is one of the best ways to not get things done. I’ve accepted that this blog is far from perfect and that it never will be perfect. I have so many interests that at this point I am not quite sure what my focus (or, more likely, foci) will be. Hopefully, this will come with time. For now, I expect to write mostly about medicine, public health, social justice, and science. That may seem like a lot, but it’s actually all pretty closely connected in my mind. I’m calling it “Secular Trends” because I hope to write about long-term trends science and medicine, which are among the greatest forces for improving the human condition.  See the About page for more information about me, this blog, and its title.


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