Medical Tattoos

Found a very cool set of images of tattoos conveying medical information to first responders. Many say they are diabetic, which would lead first responders to diagnose their unconsciousness was some form of diabetic coma. Others indicate allergies, implanted medical devices, or DNR orders (which are notoriously overlooked or ignored for a variety of reasons. I think it’s a great way for patients to “own” their conditions and to help ensure they receive proper treatment in the event they are unable to convey their wishes themselves.

The photos are from Todays Whisper and I’ve embedded a few here (I’m unsure of their sources).

Cutsey Diabetic

No Nonsense Diabetic (blue ring is int’l symbol for diabetes)

Insulin Pump
The Latin translates to: “And death is peace”
The Chinese is pronounced: juéshì and means “knight” or “knighthood” or “Sir”


Penicillin Allergy

Pacemaker, with a cool story:
“I was born with a small heart defect and my parents were told that eventually it will go away. Over time it manifested arrhythmia. In the end, when I was 18, my doctor had conducted a survey and found that my atrioventricular node does not work and my heart beat half less, than you need. I was given an electronic pacemaker December 23, 2003, when I was 18 years old. Two years later, as a gift for Christmas, my boyfriend paid for the tattoo – the symbol of pacemaker on the right wrist. ”


Haemophilia Type A


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