Healthcare Coordination for the 1%

Private Health Management is a company founded in 2007 that serves “high net worth individuals” and corporate executives that basically collects and double-checks all of its clients’ health records (and digitizes them) and uses “proprietary algorithms” to find the best of the best physicians for whatever condition they have. Their primary benefit seems to be when a client has a medical emergency or particularly complex condition. Private Health Management will step in with a clinician who compiles a brief on the patient, double-checks all tests, and gathers a team of research scientists to gather the most up-t0-date information on treatments for the patient’s condition. It seems like what they do is ensure their clients get the best treatment option from the best doctors for their exact condition rather than what is the best treatment on average the average patient like the client.

Right now the model sounds incredibly expensive, but the goal does seem to be to expand it. It’s certainly an intriguing idea for how to solve the problems of coordination and optimization of healthcare.